WALNUT CREEK, Calif. -- Peanut growers have a new, more effective
option for disease control this season: Quash(R) fungicide.

Newly available for the peanut market, Quash is a highly effective,
broad spectrum triazole fungicide containing metconazole -- a new active
ingredient for peanuts. The preventive and curative action of Quash
provides effective control of early and late leaf spot, rust and stem
rot/Southern blight.

Trials show that Quash results in improved peanut quality, greater
yield and an excellent return on the grower's investment. Additionally,
Quash is highly active at low rates, meaning a great overall value for
the peanut grower.

"In the current industry climate where everyone is trying to do more
with less, Quash offers a significant ROI to peanut growers," said Rick
Kraus, Quash brand manager. "Quash has an excellent fit in peanut
disease control programs."

Quash also offers growers tank-mix and timing flexibility and a
short, 14-day pre-harvest interval. For optimal control of leaf spot and
rust, Quash should be tank-mixed with a non-ionic surfactant. Apply
Quash as a foliar spray with sufficient water to obtain thorough
coverage up to four times per season.