Energy expert and author Josh Tickell has published "Biodiesel America," a new book about how America can break dependence on Middle East oil.

The book was launched during the National Biodiesel Conference & Expo. Tickell shows how biodiesel could bring over one million jobs back to rural America, invigorate our economy and create a stable domestic fuel supply, while leaving our lifestyle and food supply untouched, according to a promotional release from the National Biodiesel Board.

"Biodiesel America is an engaging look at an issue that is front and center in our country - energy supply," said Joe Jobe, CEO of the board. "This is an extremely well-researched, thought-provoking book that documents the past, present and future of the bourgeoning biodiesel industry."

In simple language, Tickell explains issues such as why America is more dependent on oil than any other nation; why Saudi Arabia's oil empire will soon crumble, sending energy prices skyrocketing and why everyday vehicles that get 80 miles per gallon are already sold in Europe, but not in the United States.

Tickell wrote the book "From the Fryer to the Fuel Tank: The Complete Guide to Using Vegetable Oil as an Alternative Fuel." He sold more than 50,000 copies. His tour around the country in the "Veggie Van" helped jumpstart biodiesel education in America in the early '90s.

"Biodiesel America" is available at

SOURCE: National Biodiesel Board promotional release.