Verity Corp, an agricultural services company offering food producers innovative products and services which improve soil and crop health through the use of environmentally friendly crop inputs including proprietary soil media, essential trace elements and non-GMO seeds, announced that the company's new protocols/products showed clear evidence of significantly improved crop yields.

Based on the USDA National Agricultural Statistical Service's reports for 2013 crop yields in the Great Lakes Region, soybeans in Shelby County, Ohio area, where many of Verity customers are located, experienced an industry average yield of 47 Bushels per acre in 2013. Verity's average yield in this same market this year is 67 bushels per acre, an increase of 20 bushels per acre, or a 42% increase over the market average. Corn in Shelby County, Ohio, in the center of the Verity market in Ohio, experienced an average yield of 175 bushels per acre in 2013 according to the USDA report. Verity's average in this same market this year is 185 bushels per acre, an increase of 10 bushels per acre or just under a 6% increase over the market average. Farmers using Verity's protocols achieved these increases at lower or comparable costs to traditional farming techniques.

Testimonials from Verity customers also reinforced the significant increases in crop yields driven by Verity's proprietary products and processes. Verity customer Dennis Vande Brake said, "Together with some changes on the farm and the improvements from the Verity products and recommendations, my farm's average corn yield was 190 bushels per acre. That's a 25 bushel increase from last year! I'm looking forward to next year."

Dennis Von Arb, another farmer, also significantly improved his corn yield to 200 bushels by using Verity's new protocols. He stated, "The quality products make a big difference in results. Cost of production shows a big advantage using Verity's Products -- a minimum of $15-20 per acre and produced 200 bushels per acre corn."

Jim White, Chief Executive Officer of Verity Corp, commented, "Since our last company update, we are extremely encouraged by the feedback from farmers utilizing our latest processes and soil technologies. At Verity, we believe each farm is unique, so we test the soil and the plants. Based on the results, we then create a customized approach to maximize the health of the soil and the plants. Healthy plants equate to improved yields and happier consumers. Our customers' testimonials reinforce that our new protocols can significantly increase crop yields at no additional costs to farmers and outperform conventional farming processes. The Verity sustainable way of farming creates value not only to farmers, but also to consumers who are able to enjoy healthier and more nutritious foods. More importantly, our sustainable farming is benefiting the environment in which we live."