Fungicide resistance in soybean production has been a growing concern, particularly since the discovery of strobilurin-resistant Cercospora sojina, better known as the pathogen that causes frogeye leaf spot.

Louisiana has recently become ground zero in another fungicide resistance discovery. The pathogen Cercospora kikuchii, which causes Cercospora leaf blight and purple seed stain in soybean, is also building resistance to strobilurins.

In “Fungicide Resistance in the Cercospora Leaf Blight and Purple Seed Stain Pathogen of Soybean,” a new grant-funded presentation featured in the Focus on Soybean webcast resource, Dr. Paul “Trey” Price, Assistant Professor at the Louisiana State University AgCenter helps viewers:

  • Correctly identify Cercospora leaf blight
  • Further understand fungicide resistance issues in soybean production, particularly in areas where fungicides are routinely applied in attempts to prevent disease
  • Choose the best disease management and fungicide resistance mitigation options

By the end of this presentation, growers, consultants, and applied researchers will know more about the symptoms, yield loss, life cycle, fungicide efficacy, and fungicide resistance associated with Cercospora leaf blight, as well as be prepared to employ management strategies.

The research in this 22-minute presentation is fully open access thanks to funding through a United Soybean Board grant to help mitigate fungicide resistance in soybean crops.

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