The Association of Equipment Manufacturers (AEM) and M-ize, Inc. (m-ize), a provider of “customer engagement solutions,” have launched Equip Connect, a program to help AEM member companies manage the warranty, support and service needs of their distributors, dealers and end-user customers.

“Currently, each dealership that carries equipment from multiple manufacturers must learn each manufacturer’s interface for submitting warranty claims,” said John Somers, AEM director of product management. “AEM selected M-ize as our software partner to provide a common interface that will drive greater efficiency at the dealer level.”

Equip Connect provides a shared hub for manufacturers, distributors, dealers and customers to exchange transaction information such as product registrations, warranty claims, returns (RMA), pre-approvals, payments and supporting data. This agreement between M-ize and AEM allows channel partners to use a single warranty system with multiple brands.

AEM’s Short-Line Leadership Group initiated and has been the association’s program liaison, but the Equip Connect program is open to all AEM manufacturers.

“Dealers and customers will now have an easier way to do business with AEM members,” said Ashok Kartham, M-ize CEO. “The M-ize team has decades of experience providing warranty and product support solutions to the heavy equipment industry.”

Under the AEM/M-ize Equip Connect program, AEM members receive a special subscription price to this cloud-based warranty solution. This allows participant companies to fulfill their business needs without the need for an expensive or lengthy implementation.

AEM’s John Somers ( is the source for more information.