AutoProbe Technologies, LLC, manufacturers of the AutoProbe automated soil sampler, named Terra Products Company, LLC of Nichols, Iowa, its Southeast Iowa Distributor. Jay Buline, Owner, Terra Products Co. and a Channel Seed dealer says, "The AutoProbe provides the best soil samples of anything available in the market. It's sophisticated soil sampling technology is state-of-the art.

"We're excited to be the first in the state of Iowa to sell and service AutoProbes," Buline says. "We'll provide training and support." Orders are being taken now for Fall delivery. "At Terra Products, we source quality products with great reputations. While terrific products that perform help get us on a farm, it's service-oriented relationships with our customers that keep us there." 

Jeff Burton, President, AutoProbe Technologies, LLC says, "Everything begins with the soil. And, all cropping decisions from nutrients to seed are determined by the soil test analysis. Sophisticated soil sampling offered by the AutoProbe insures more cores per sample. It's just common sense the more cores you include per sample, the better quality results achieved.

"We're excited about our relationship with Terra Products Company," Burton continues. "Jay and his team offer what today's growers need to compete in a market with thinner margins. Their quality offering of Channel Seed and AutoProbe sampling technology provides what growers are looking for in today's competitive landscape. AutoProbe Technologies is honored to be represented by this company in the Southeast Iowa market and beyond."