Agribotix, an agricultural intelligence company, is offering its FarmLens cloud processing service via the WinField Answer Tech agricultural technology portal.

Agribotix processes and analyzes agricultural data gathered by drones via its FarmLens cloud-based analysis and reporting solution. The resulting intelligence, delivered in easy-to-use formats, is applied throughout the growing season to save money.

Applications include: making field scouting more efficient, monitoring stand density, and identifying areas compromised by weather events, blights, insects, other pests, or irrigation irregularities in time to treat those areas and increase yields or to deprioritize them for the season. FarmLens intelligence helps farmers increase yields, reduce input costs, and maximize profits, while reducing environmental impact.

It takes only a few minutes for a farmer or ag service provider to initiate an upload of the data captured by their drones to the FarmLens platform. Agribotix then handles all the processing and returns reports and maps with clear color contrast that makes identifying issues in the field and taking appropriate action easy and intuitive.

FarmLens reports distinguish healthy areas from those that require attention, enabling farmers to make timely interventions during the growing season. They also provide gridded management zone maps that can be used with precision equipment to tailor variable rate fertilizer, pesticide, and herbicide application. Results are returned in formats commonly used in agricultural equipment and management systems.

"Agribotix FarmLens brings specialized agricultural data and analytics to the Answer Tech portal. Our customers can quickly process aerial imagery and get back results that they can use immediately to improve performance in the field," said James Coday, WinField marketing manager, ag technology. "The functionality and reporting designed specifically for agriculture give farmers and ag professionals a powerful, new precision tool."

Visit the Answer Tech website at for more information on the Agribotix FarmLens data processing and analytics platform.