Mississippi has become the 21st state to establish and maintain a Corn Promotion Board.

Governor Hayley Barbour signed into law the legislation enabling a one-cent-per-bushel checkoff fund and appointed a 12-member board to oversee research and promotion efforts. The new organization will complement the existing Mississippi Corn Growers Association (MCGA) in serving the needs of the state's corn producers.

"We will meet Wednesday with specialists from Mississippi State University to help set our agenda for the upcoming year," said Doug Mitchell, Board member from Corinth. "At this point, we expect to be active in funding research projects."

"By funding research and marketing programs through a checkoff program, Mississippi corn growers are actively participating in their future," noted National Corn Growers Association President Ken McCauley. "The challenge of managing each corn producer's checkoff investment to capture the greatest value, to nurture established markets and invest in new possibilities and potential is a difficult job. But the years have proven that the investment will pay dividends."

Revenue from the checkoff could bring in approximately $400,000 in a typical year, Mitchell estimated.

The board met for the first time Nov. 28 and elected Daniel Murphy of Canton as chairman, Rob Coker of Yazooo City as vice chairman, and Webb Bozeman of Jackson as treasurer-secretary. Erick Larsen of Mississippi State University, who serves as MCGA Secretary/Treasurer, will also staff the CPB.

SOURCE: NCGA news release.