The National Corn Growers Association is one of the sponsors of a competition organized by the Farm Foundation that seeks innovative and promising public policy options to address the challenges agriculture may face in providing food, feed, fiber, and fuel during the next 30 years.

"As the premier representative of corn farmers in our country, and as important as we believe it is to be always looking forward, it's key for NCGA to be involved in this project," said NCGA President Bob Dickey. "Our country and the international community face a number of opportunities and challenges in the years ahead, and we believe there are ways we can help address these by producing more corn for food and energy."

The competition is open to anyone with an interest in the public policy issues outlined in the Foundation's 30-Year Challenge report on agriculture's strategic role in feeding and fueling a growing world.

The Farm Foundation intends to award cash prizes totaling $20,000. Entry deadline is June 1, 2009.

Released in December 2008, The 30-Year Challenge report identifies six major areas of challenges. Within each area of challenge, the report highlights key issues public and private decision makers may need to consider as they address the challenges of feeding a world population that is forecast to reach almost 9 billion people by 2040, about one-third greater than today. Incomes are rising, particularly in many developing nations, bringing changes in dietary preferences and greater demand for agriculture to provide food and energy. All this increases pressure on and competition for natural resources at a time when the impacts of climate change on agricultural production systems are not yet fully understood.

The 30-Year Challenge report was developed with input from a diverse set of agriculture and agribusiness leaders, government agency representatives and academics. The report identifies six major challenges that may impact agriculture's ability to provide feed, fiber and energy to a growing world: global financial markets and recession; global food security; global energy security; climate change; competition for natural resources, and global economic development.

In addition to NCGA, project sponsors include the Alliance for Abundant Food and Energy, the American Farm Bureau Federation, the National Pork Producers Council and United Egg Producers.