SAINT LOUIS, MISSOURI - The National Corn Growers Association recently submitted comments to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) on labeling for E15 pumps throughout the country. NCGA stated that while our organization does support the development and use of a label, the organization feels the proposed label would potentially create unnecessary alarm among consumers and must be altered.

"An accurate and informative label is key to assisting consumers in making informed, correct and lawful decisions as a part of meeting the volumes of the expanded RFS [Renewable Fuel Standard] as the United States increased its energy independence," NCGA President Bart Schott said. "However, NCGA has tremendous concern with the proposed regulations and the potential negative impact of how alternative fuels containing various levels of ethanol are labeled at the pump."

The current proposed label is designed to help ensure consumers do not misfuel their vehicles by selecting an ethanol blend that has not been approved for their car. Unfortunately, NCGA has concerns over the current label being read as a warning instead of information sharing, Schott said.

"We feel strongly that the proposed label could be interpreted as a warning label, therefore subsequently negatively influencing consumers' purchases in a negative manner and cause undue alarm. We believe this could also potentially deter Flexible Fuel Vehicle owners from purchasing higher blends," Schott said. "NCGA looks forward to working with the EPA to develop an effective and informative label."

Click here for a copy of NCGA's comment to the EPA.

SOURCE: National Corn Growers Association