The National Agricultural Statistics Service's monthly Crop Production report is forecasting an 11.114 billion bushel corn crop for marketing year 2006, which would make the haul the second-largest crop on record, the National Corn Growers Association notes.

Yields are expected to average 154.7 bushels per acre, up 2.5 bushels from August and 6.8 bushels from last year.

The 11.114 billion bushels prediction is up 1 percent from August's 10.97 billion bushels and up slightly from 2005 when producers harvested 11.112 billion bushels. Corn growers set the highest haul ever at 11.8 billion bushels in 2004.

"If realized, 2006 will mark the third consecutive year that corn growers have topped 11 billion bushels," said NCGA President Gerald Tumbleson. "With last year's carry over and this year's projected second-largest crop on record, it is clear that corn producers will produce more than enough corn to supply all markets this year."

Iowa is projected to be the leading state in corn production, with 2.16 billion bushels. Illinois is predicted to harvest nearly 2 billion bushels. Both states have are expected to harvest 174 bushels per acre.

Despite significant drought in some areas, South Dakota and Texas average yields were increased this month to 105 and 116 bushels per acre, respectively. In August, NASS projected South Dakota's average yield at 100 bushels per acre and Texas' average yield at 108 bushels per acre.

Indiana and Ohio are still expected to book record yields at 167 bushels per acre and 160 bushels per acre.

Nebraska and Minnesota are projected to be third and fourth in corn production this year. Nebraska is predicted to bring in 1.2 billion bushels, and Minnesota is expected to harvest 1.1 billion bushels.

View the NASS report online.

SOURCE: NCGA news release.