The National Corn Growers Association reminds growers of the importance of developing marketing plans for grain with the Market Choices logo, which helps growers and grain handlers identify non-European Union-approved corn hybrids.

Traits with the Market Choices logo are fully approved for food and feed use in the United States, but may not be in some countries. As a result, these hybrids may require separation when delivered to a local elevator and prohibited from entering exported grain.

"It is important that growers who planted these hybrids develop a marketing plan for the grain," said Martin Barbre, chairman of the NCGA Biotechnology Working Group. "Growers who still need help finding an approved market for any hybrids bearing the Market Choices(TM) logo should contact their seed dealer, the American Seed Trade Association or the Know Where To Go(TM) site at"

Some examples of a hybrid bearing the Market Choices logo are Herculex(TM) Rootworm, YieldGard Plus(TM), or AgriSure GT/CB(TM). These technologies all have full regulatory approvals in the United States, Japan and several other major markets, but still lack approvals for import into EU.

The EU is a leading market for corn gluten feed, and a growing market for distillers dried grains . To protect the EU feed market, many wet mills will not accept grain produced from Market Choices hybrids. Likewise, ethanol dry mills that may export DDGs to the EU may also refuse to accept this grain.

Ideally, the best way to use Market Choices-labeled grain is to feed it on farm or contract directly to a livestock feeder, Barbre added.

"Ultimately, there are more markets accepting this grain than opting out," he said. "We just need to be good stewards of the technology and markets and ensure it goes only to approved markets."

More information is available at; click on the Grain Handler's Database.

SOURCE: NCGA news release.