The National Corn Growers Association is reminding Americans of the contribution of agriculture to our society as America celebrates the 33rd annual National Agriculture Week this week.

"Our nation has been reliant on agriculture since its conception," said NCGA President Gerald Tumbleson. "And, in the past year alone, we have seen several examples of industries using the wonderful capabilities of plants to switch from a hydrocarbon-based to carbohydrate-based society.

"For example, more companies and consumers are realizing the benefits of ethanol-based fuel and PLA-based products. Growers have been at the forefront of educating the public about our crops' capabilities. National Ag Week is a great vehicle for growers to promote these capabilities even more."

Corn growers are just one example of farmers contributing to American society. In 2005, corn growers harvested more than 11.1 billion bushels. Of that, more than 10.8 billion bushels were used to feed livestock; for ethanol production; for use in food products; and for use in everyday products like pillows, food containers and even clothing. In fact, there are thousands of products that have corn as an ingredient.

With more time and money devoted to research, Tumbleson said he expects agricultural product use to become more diversified and able to impact American society on an everyday basis.

"The future for uses of corn in everyday products is endless," he said. "Thanks to research, we are continuing to find new uses for corn and other agricultural products. And these products benefit our society because they are renewable and biodegradable. We are at the beginning of the carbohydrate economy, and it's very exciting to be a part of this revolution."

National Agricultural Week is celebrated every year near the first day of spring to recognize the outstanding contributions of America's farmers.