The National Corn Growers Association and the National Ethanol Vehicle Coalition have teamed up to provide a tool that allows flex fuel vehicle owners to pinpoint gas stations that sell E85 simply by entering a ZIP code or location.

The tool is available at and can be accessed from NEVC's Web site. It is also linked on NCGA's Web site under Ethanol, Related Links.

When visiting the site, FFV owners can search for stations by ZIP code or state. The site then allows the visitor to map the station.

"As E85 infrastructure grows, we hope there will be a day when we will not need tools like this, and E85 will be offered in every community," said Rick Tolman, NCGA CEO. "But for now, this is a good tool to have for people traveling who wish to use E85. We are glad NEVC has it and that NCGA is supporting it."

"We thank NCGA for their assistance in upgrading our Web site in making it more user friendly," said Phil Lambert, NEVC executive director. "We also appreciate the support of the group in our efforts to bring more E85 stations across the country."

There are more than 700 E85 stations in 37 states.

SOURCE: NCGA news release.