Under an agreement announced today, National Corn Growers Association (NCGA) members are invited to participate in a field demonstration program this year designed to document corn yield responses to foliar applications of ProAct Plant Health Regulator, a new product from Eden Bioscience Corp.

In replicated trials, ProAct, a harpin-based product, provided positive yield responses, depending on rate, when applied with glyphosate on tolerant hybrids. The demonstration program is meant to evaluate the product in various environments and under different cropping plans.

"Eden Bioscience and NCGA are interested in determining what is the predictable yield response and other benefits in commercial production that may exist when the technology is evaluated across the Corn Belt, under different growing conditions, and using many different post-emergence herbicide programs," said Dr. Rhett Atkins, Eden Bioscience President and CEO.

NCGA members who participate will be given a test plot product. Additionally, Eden Bioscience will offer a discount to NCGA members not involved in the program but who would like to try the product during 2005 and 2006 growing seasons. Growers involved in the program will be required to follow specific protocols for their test plots and applications, collect certain data, and maintain a check plot of untreated corn.

ProAct is a technology that induces the plant to elevate its mechanism for disease protection and growth. It achieves this by activating a "switch" on the outside of the plant, thus never entering the plant. The active ingredient will harmlessly disintegrate, leaving no residue.

ProAct is completing the registration process at the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, with full EPA registration expected before the upcoming planting season.

Source: Association Release