WASHINGTON, D.C. -- Statement by NCGA President Bob Dickey on the EPA's RFS 2 Peer Analysis:

"Today, the Environmental Protection Agency released four peer reviews two of them on Indirect Land Use Change modeling and the Lifecycle Greenhouse Gas Analysis, included as part of the Renewable Fuels Standard (RFS 2) Proposed Rule. After evaluating the peer review analysis and the designated peer reviewers, the National Corn Growers Association is disappointed that there is no objectivity and a complete lack of unbiased opinions in the process.

"We are dismayed by EPA's complete disregard for an approach that is fair and balanced. We are also puzzled as to why the USDA, which has extensive knowledge related to this issue, was in no way included in the peer review process.

"NCGA was optimistic earlier this year when the Administration vowed to base future policy on sound science, and we were hopeful that would be the case during this analysis. Unfortunately, the information published today is to the contrary. We call upon the EPA to modify its approach to reflect the commitment of President Obama to adhere to policies based on sound science and a transparent process."