In a special message to National Corn Growers Association (NCGA) members, corn checkoff contributors and other allies, NCGA President Bob Dickey called on all those interested in the future of U.S. corn to help the association set the record straight about false attacks on the corn and ethanol industry.

"We've seen big oil companies, grocery manufacturers and misguided environmentalists form strange new alliances to level attacks from all directions, and we've been spending countless hours setting the record straight with science-based, accurate information," Dickey said. "Now, more than ever, we need an team of 300,000 proud U.S. farmers who grow corn to defend our way of life and stand up to these false attacks now and always in order to win the debate."

Specifically, NCGA asks corn growers to:

1. Talk to their governor, member of Congress and senator. The Memorial Day Congressional recess presents an opportunity to personally talk with federal lawmakers while they are back in the state and ask them to become champions for corn growers and ethanol producers.

2. Write letters to the editors of local weekly and daily newspapers as frequently as possible. It's vital that corn farmers inform others with the positive facts, and regain their rightful, positive image with the American people.

3. Be a vocal advocate in their community by talking to gas station owners, grocery store managers, and everyone they come across. They should reach out to the local chapters of conservation, farm, and civic groups. Along with providing the facts, farmers should ask these people to work with them and stress that corn is good for the U.S. economy, environment, and energy security.

To help farmers succeed in this, NCGA provides a short document with the most frequent and damaging attacks, along with the facts to easily communicate the realities.

"We need all our members engaged in helping fight back to win the debate over corn and corn ethanol," Dickey said.

Source: NCGA