St. Louis-based American Seeds, Inc. (ASI), a Monsanto holding company, and its operating subsidiary Channel Bio Corp. (Channel), Kentland, Ind., announce that NC+ Hybrids, Inc., Lincoln, Neb., has agreed to join the ASI team of brands.

NC+ Hybrids, Inc., was recently formed through a reorganization of NC+ Hybrids Cooperative, which was established in Nebraska nearly 50 years ago as a farmer-owned co-operative. NC+ Hybrids Cooperative has been one of the most successful seed companies in Nebraska and a respected seed source for the Western Corn Belt.

Like Channel's other brands, NC+ Hybrids will be a distinct operating subsidiary of Channel and run as an independent brand. Through Channel, president Don Funk and CEO Aline Funk currently manage three other successful and growing independent brands -- Crow's Hybrid Corn Company, Midwest Seed Genetics, Inc., and Wilson Seeds -- as a part of Monsanto's ASI subsidiary formed in November 2004.

Source: Company Release