WASHINGTON, D.C. -- National Biodiesel Board Vice President of Federal Affairs Manning Feraci today issued the following statement in response to the European Union's (EU) decision to impose punitive final duties on U.S. biodiesel:

"This is an unfortunate decision.

'Throughout this case, we have constantly put data on the record that clearly shows the European biodiesel industry was not being harmed by U.S. competition. In fact, some EU companies have fared quite well. For those that have not, it is factors unrelated to U.S. competition -- bad business models; high feedstock costs; and detrimental EU member state policy -- that are to blame. The decision to ignore these fundamental facts has yielded a protectionist result that is detrimental to all parties involved.

"Moving forward, the U.S. biodiesel industry will certainly reserve our right and ability to further address this flawed outcome."

SOURCE: National Biodiesel Board.