WASHINGTON, DC - The National Biodiesel Board (NBB) today welcomed the Environmental Protection Agency's (EPA) issuance of the final 2011 RFS2 Volume Requirements, which require 800 million gallons of Biomass-based Diesel.

"The U.S. biodiesel industry is pleased that the EPA has issued the final 2011 RFS2 volume requirements," said Manning Feraci, the NBB's Vice President of Federal Affairs. "There are significant job creation, energy security and environmental benefits associated with expanded biodiesel use. Today's rulemaking - in particular the requirement to use 800 million gallons of Biomass-based Diesel in the domestic fuels marketplace - will allow America to reap these benefits."

Biodiesel is America's first commercial scale Advanced Biofuel, and biodiesel can and will likely be used by petroleum companies and other obligated parties to fill the RFS2 Biomass-based Diesel requirement (800 million gallons or 1.2 billion D4 RINs), and the Advanced Biofuels Program (1.35 billion D4 RINS or 900 million gallons of biodiesel).

Today's announcement will add certainty to biodiesel markets, where it is anticipated that obligated parties will continue to add the required growing volumes of biodiesel to the diesel-pool marketplace as Congress intended.

Final Percentage Standards for 2011

The Energy Independence and Security Act (EISA) amended the Clean Air Act to greatly increase the total required volume of renewable fuels each year, reaching a level of 36 billion gallons in 2022. To achieve these volumes, EPA calculates percentage-based standards for the following year. Based on the standards, each producer and importer of gasoline and diesel determines the minimum volume of renewable fuel that it must ensure is used in its transportation fuel.

The required 2011 volume percentages for the four "nested" pools are listed below:

Final Volumes for 2011

Final Volumes for 2011    
  Actual Volume Ethanol Equivalent Volume
Cellulosic biofuel 6.6 mill gal 6.0 mill gal
Biomass-based diesel 0.80 bill gal 1.20 bill gal
Advanced biofuel 1.35 bill gal 1.35 bill gal
Renewable fuel 13.95 bill gal 13.95 bill gal

EISA was enacted on December 19, 2007. The legislation expanded the Renewable Fuels Standard and for the first time specifically provided for a renewable component in U.S. diesel fuel. RFS2 requires the use of 800 million gallons of Biomass-based Diesel in 2011, increasing to 1 billion gallons in 2012. From 2012 through 2022, a minimum of 1 billion gallons must be used domestically, and the Administrator of the EPA is given the authority to increase the minimum volume requirement. To qualify as Biomass-based Diesel, the fuel must reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions by 50 percent compared to petroleum diesel. Biodiesel is the only fuel available in commercial quantities in the U.S. that meets the definition of Biomass-based Diesel.

"The U.S. biodiesel industry stands ready to provide the fuel that will be needed to meet the readily attainable Biomass-based Diesel goals established in RFS2. We look forward to working with all industry stakeholders to successfully implement this worthwhile program," concluded Feraci.

Additional information about biodiesel is available online at www.biodiesel.org.

SOURCE: National Biodiesel Board