AMES, Iowa -- Interested in planting native prairie grasses and flowers to seed a filter strip, wetland or other area? The Native Species Directory is one resource that can help you find the right native prairie species for both restoration and conservation.

The Iowa Crop Improvement Association recently published its directory listing seed production information for more than 150 species of plants certified by ICIA. These species were collected from surviving prairie remnants and reproduced for seed production. The species are native to Iowa or the Midwest, which means they are more likely to survive Iowa's climate.

The ICIA provides information that certifies the seed's geographic origin. The directory includes cool and warm season grasses, legumes, rushes, sedges, shrubs and other forbs.

The association encourages consumers to request a certification label and analysis information when making seed purchases. Customers should purchase seeds that have passed field inspection, been tested at a seed laboratory and are labeled as Source Identified. This ensures the quality of the seed and its origin.

To request a free copy contact the ICIA at (515) 294-6921 or The directory also can be viewed at

The nonprofit ICIA is the official seed certifying agency for the state of Iowa, with headquarters in the department of agronomy at Iowa State University. ICIA's mission is to provide an unbiased source of service and education in production and quality assurance for Iowa agricultural crops. Founded in 1902, the association has provided seed production and crop performance testing services for 87 years.

The association's membership is composed of farmers, seed producers and others interested in crop improvement. The ICIA supports the Iowa State University Crops Team, sponsors the Iowa FFA Agronomy Career Development event, offers a summer internship program and awards five annual scholarships to Iowa State undergraduates.

SOURCE: Iowa State University.