National Starch Food Innovation is putting greater resources into maintaining the purity of its non-GM, Identity Preserved products as GM crop acreage in the United States grows, making isolation, segregation and supply chain practices increasingly important, according to NSFI officials.

National Starch Food Innovation protects the purity of its non-GM products through its TRUETRACE(TM) Identity Preservation program. TRUETRACE provides customers with traceability for National's food ingredients at all stages of their development, from seed to crop, to production and distribution.

Farmers in National's TRUETRACE program grow non-GM corn exclusively or take special precautions to isolate GM corn from non-GM corn to avoid cross-contamination. These growers provide National with extensive documentation of their seed varieties, field locations, and equipment cleaning, which are subject to periodic audits. Corn delivered to National's manufacturing facilities can thus be traced to the original farm on which it was grown and the seed varieties used in production.

National, which conforms to rigorous EU government limits for accidental GM contamination, tests every shipment of corn it receives from farmers and rejects shipments that don't pass its contamination hurdles. It also runs regular PCR tests -- similar to taking a DNA fingerprint -- of composite corn samples as an internal systems check.

Source: Company Release