The National Council for Agricultural Education called on members of Congress to continue federal funding for career and technical education by reauthorizing the Carl D. Perkins Vocational and Technical Education Act.

The FY 2006 budget request sent to Congress by the Bush administration proposes to eliminate all funding for the Perkins program so that funds will be available for the President's new $1.5 billion high School Intervention Initiative. This action, which would effectively create a block grant for high schools with the stated purpose of building on the goals of No Child left Behind, would severely weaken career and technical education for students throughout the nation, according to the Council.

"Agricultural education is providing students with a proven, integrated model of personal, academic and career development that has evolved over the past 80 years," said Ed Osborne, president of the National Council for Agricultural Education and chair of the Department of Agricultural Education and Communication, University of Florida. "Cutting funding for Perkins will cripple the very programs successfully meeting the career and scholastic needs of high school students."

Source: Association Release