Three POET biorefineries will expand ethanol production capacity by a combined total of 25 million gallons in 2016.

POET Biorefining - Hanlontown (Iowa), POET Biorefining - Hudson (South Dakota) and POET Biorefining - Caro (Michigan) each filed separate expansion permits within their respective states and will soon be producing at the level their RIN permit allows.

"POET is always looking for ways to expand production capabilities and improve our processes across our entire network," said Jeff Lautt, POET President and COO. "Not only will the expansions allow these three biorefineries to produce more ethanol, but each will also be expanding their coproduct volume as well."
The expansions break down as follows:

POET Biorefining - Hanlontown

- Current capacity: 58 million gallons per year (MGPY)
- Expansion capacity: 64 MGPY
POET Biorefining - Hudson

- Current capacity: 58 MGPY
- Expansion capacity: 65 MGPY
POET Biorefining - Caro

- Current capacity: 55 MGPY
- Expansion capacity: 67 MGPY

"We set production records at 17 of our biorefineries in 2015," Lautt said. "This industry is ready to give drivers even more opportunities to use clean-burning, American-made biofuel."