NASDA joined the Fertilizer Institute, Agricultural Retailers Association, National Corn Growers Association, American Farm Bureau Federation, National Council of Farmer Cooperatives and National Grain and Feed Association urging OSHA to withdraw a recent memorandum that would dramatically affect anhydrous ammonia dealers.

On July 22nd, OSHA released a memorandum detailing a policy change to their Process Safety Management (PSM) program which revoked a previous interpretation of “retail facility.” Previously, anhydrous ammonia facilities were exempt and regulated under different standards if they derived more than 50% of their income from direct sales, usually to American farmers.

This policy change will increase regulatory compliance standards on over 3,800 facilities, potentially putting them out of business due to increased costs that OSHA is not accounting for. This memorandum is effective immediately. NASDA and the above groups are urging OSHA to withdraw the memorandum and enter into the formal rulemaking process so that adequate economic analysis and feedback are compiled.

This policy change has the potential to effect fertilizer prices and availability.