SHARON, Pa. -- NanoLogix, Inc. announced today that it has completed the construction of its first commercial hydrogen bioreactor facility at a Welch's Food plant in the town of North East, Pa., in Erie County.

The company also announced that the facility will begin hydrogen generation from Welch's waste organic matter on or about April 1, 2006.

The technology behind the hydrogen bioreactor, developed and patented by NanoLogix in coordination with the Gannon University Department of Environmental Science & Engineering, allows for the limitless production of hydrogen from organic-containing waste waters and any waste organic materials, such as sewer water, ground-up garbage, etc.

David C. McClelland, president of NanoLogix, said, "We are delighted that construction of the facility has been completed and that hydrogen generation from Welch's waste streams is beginning. Beyond our own satisfaction of creating nano-products with great utility in real-world applications, comes the satisfaction of developing technology that greatly impacts the global community to everyone's benefit.

"Our ability to produce hydrogen in this manner represents a crowning achievement in the worldwide search for alternative fuel sources and a lessened global dependency on fossil fuels."

NanoLogix is a nano-biotechnology company whose portfolio of patents has application and marketability in areas including the production of high-value hydrogen from agricultural feedstock, industrial waste water and municipal waste streams; and the bio-remediation of air, water and soils of harmful contaminants.

Welch's is the world's leading marketer of Concord and Niagara grape-based products, including grape juice and jelly.

SOURCE: NanoLogix, Inc. via Business Wire.