Mycogen Seeds pleased to announce the addition of 29 new grain corn hybrids to its robust 2010 lineup. The new hybrids are available in a wide range of relative maturities and have been vigorously tested for important agronomic characteristics, such as high yields, standability, drought tolerance, and disease resistance.

"Our commitment to growers means we focus on using elite genetics to develop outstanding corn hybrids that will maximize yields throughout the Corn Belt," says Hank King, senior grain corn marketing specialist, Mycogen Seeds. "We employ a vigorous research process, testing our hybrids in more than 800,000 test plots each year. As a result, growers can have full confidence in our proven, high-yielding portfolio of grain corn hybrids."

New Corn Hybrids

The new hybrids are available with a variety of industry-leading traits, as well as in a full range of relative maturities.

2R081 is an 80-day Roundup Ready(R) hybrid featuring strong yield potential under moderate to high yield environments. This dent-type hybrid provides strong stalks and roots, very good late-season health, and fast grain drydown. Its semi-flex ear type will allow it to adapt to different planting densities and take advantage of optimal growing conditions.

An attractive Roundup Ready hybrid, 2A397 offers a solid agronomic package, which includes strong roots, very good ear retention, fast grain drydown and stress tolerance. 2A397 has top-end yield potential and provides yield stability within its maturity. It is well-adapted to a wide variety of environments and production systems.

2A551 is a HERCULEX(R) XTRA Insect Protection hybrid available as a Quad-StackTM that offers outstanding yield potential across a wide range of soil types and environments. This taller hybrid has shown solid standability and very good tolerance to northern corn leaf blight and Goss's wilt. 2A551 provides very good drought-stress tolerance and resistance to greensnap. It is a top performer in high-yield environments that responds to fertility, population, fungicide and irrigation.

An attractive, medium-height Roundup Ready Corn 2 hybrid, 2C641 offers excellent standability and highly competitive yields. Its strong yield performance is driven by very consistent, moderately girthy ears with deep kernels. 2C641 is widely adapted east to west, but has shown particularly strong performance west of the Missouri River. With good tolerance to gray leaf spot and Goss's wilt, 2C641 will respond to intensive management, including high fertility, high plant density and narrow rows. It makes an excellent choice for European corn borer or rootworm refuge acres.

2H735 is a 112-day Roundup Ready hybrid that features a very girthy ear style that is consistent down the row. It responds to management that includes high densities, good fertility, a fungicide treatment and irrigation. The medium-tall plants have a moderate high-placed ear and good standability. This hybrid will perform best when planted after soybeans, which helps lower the incidence of gray leaf spot. 2H735 has good tolerance to Goss's wilt. The primary area of adaptation is east of the Missouri River due to a watch out for greensnap.

A Quad-Stack hybrid, 2D771 features HERCULEX XTRA and Roundup Ready and LibertyLink(R) technologies. Bred for outstanding yield potential, this hybrid responds to fertility, population, fungicide and irrigation. 2D771 has moderate gray leaf spot tolerance, very strong Goss's wilt tolerance and a pink cob, making it a great companion hybrid to 2T789. It performs best at medium-high to high plant densities, and is widely adapted east to west across the central Corn Belt.

"Superior traits make our hybrids strong, but elite genetics make our hybrids exceptional," King says. "Our wide selection of maturities and characteristics means that we have the hybrids that growers need to fit their unique, on-farm situations."

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