Mycogen Seeds has increased its summer sunflower seed production to ensure an adequate supply of new hybrids for 2010 planting, including several products stacked with CLEARFIELD technology and downy mildew resistance. With this increase in production, Mycogen Seeds is expanding its product mix to meet the needs of growers.

"We have quadrupled our summer sunflower seed production compared with our 2008 production. This will allow us to bring many new hybrids with the latest technology to the market," says John Kalthoff, Mycogen Seeds marketing specialist.

The Mycogen Seeds sunflower product mix will include several new stacked products for superior yield protection in hybrids that deliver more oil per acre and offer higher premium potential.

"We are particularly excited to be offering five new hybrids stacked with both CLEARFIELD technology and downy mildew resistance in the NuSun and high oleic categories," Kalthoff says. "These hybrids will be available in launch quantities across sunflower-growing regions and include a range of relative maturities and agronomic characteristics that growers desire."

Through its world-class research and breeding program, Mycogen Seeds is committed to developing differentiated sunflower technology, including herbicide, insect, and disease tolerance traits; stacked-trait hybrids; seed treatments; and output traits.

Specific information about new hybrids from Mycogen Seeds is expected to be announced later this month

SOURCE: Mycogen Seeds.