NEW YORK -- GS AgriFuels Corporation announces that its portfolio company, Sustainable Systems Inc., has received a $700,000 grant award from the Montana Department of Labor's Workforce Innovation in Regional Economic Development Program.

Sustainable is a Montana-based agricultural company focusing on high value foods, biobased fuels and bioproducts. The grant money will be used for direct training costs of employees in conjunction with their Montola oilseed crush biorefinery expansion project in Culbertson, Mont.

Sustainable currently employs 22 at its Montola operations. This funding will be used to expand the workforce to operate a larger oilseed extraction plant and biodiesel refining plant.

GS AgriFuels' President and CEO, Tom Scozzafava, said, "Sustainable's strong foundation in Montana combined with this state support accelerates their biorefinery expansion at Montola. These funds will support skilled training efforts on the expanded oilseed extraction facility and on our proprietary NextGen biodiesel processing system."

Paul Miller, the President and CEO of Sustainable, said: "We commend Governor Schweitzer, his staff, the Department of Labor and Department Commerce for recognizing the opportunities in biofuels and biobased products. The WIRED program funds will assist our expansion in Eastern Montana and represents the power of public and private partnerships for agricultural energy based economic development."

GS AgriFuels was founded to produce and sell clean fuels from agriproducts in innovative ways. GS AgriFuels' business model is based on the manufacturing and sales of proprietary biodiesel equipment and the use of new technologies to produce biodiesel and ethanol from non-traditional feedstocks such as corn oil and cellulosic biomass through the use of several new proprietary technologies.

Sustainable Systems Inc. is an agricultural processor that currently produces high-value culinary oils and is positioned to capitalize on the emerging biodiesel industry. The company is executing on a significant opportunity within the expanding biodiesel fuel markets and its expanding food grade oil markets. The company is expanding capacity at its existing Montana oilseed extraction and refining plant from 300 tons per day to 600 tons per day. In addition, Sustainable is starting on two additional oilseed extraction and biodiesel refineries in the U.S.

SOURCE: GS AgriFuels Corporation via Business Wire.