RESEARCH TRIANGLE PARK, NORTH CAROLINA - Bayer CropScience representatives are gathering with potato growers during the National Potato Expo (January 5-7) to discuss the features and benefits of Movento(R) insecticide.

Research results demonstrate that Movento provides remarkable control of potato psyllid nymphs, eggs, and female adults. The psyllid acts as the vector which spreads the pathogen in a potato field.

"It's all about in-field psyllid population management," said Kevin Adam, product manager for Bayer CropScience. "You can't spray every day to control the adults that fly into your field, so your best management option is to prevent psyllids from developing in the field. Movento is particularly effective in the control of the immature stages of the potato psyllid, which can spread Zebra Chip Disease within the field as the season progresses."

Movento demonstrates tremendous efficacy thanks to its two-way systemic activity within the plant. After application, Movento moves upward and downward through the plant tissue via the phloem and xylem, ensuring even and continuous distribution and better overall protection.

The insecticide's best activity against potato psyllid occurs when Movento is used early in the season while the potato plant is actively growing. In addition, Movento works best when used as psyllid populations are starting to build, prior to a damaging population becoming established. Movento is also effective against aphids and whiteflies in potato.

Rotating the modes of action used to control psyllids is a key principle in maintaining the effectiveness of these tools. The Insecticide Resistance Action Committee (IRAC) has established a grouping system to assist users in proper rotation of modes of action to prevent resistance development. Movento and Oberon are IRAC Group 23 insecticides and demonstrate no cross resistance to products from other chemical classes. Refer to the product labels for more information on use and proper rotations.

Bayer CropScience offers an effective insecticide portfolio for potato psyllid control and together, they provide potato farmers with the proper tools to manage psyllids while maintaining a sound insecticide resistance management program. These insecticides and their chemical groups include:

• Movento/Oberon -- IRAC Group 23 -- lipid biosynthesis inhibitors

• Admire Pro -- IRAC Group 4A -- neonicotinoids

• Baythroid XL -- IRAC Group 3 -- pyrethroids

• Sevin XLR -- IRAC Group 1A -- carbamates.

SOURCE: Bayer CropScience