Ag retailer agronomists and crop consultants might want to listen to Mosaic Company’s “episodic podcast drama,” which the company is promoting to help farmers with “examining the intricacies of high-yield agronomy.” It is an educational effort directed mainly at farmers but something ag professionals might want to be aware of in case the podcasts raise questions from growers.

Apparently, the mystery goal is to determine what caused a decrease in one farmer's yield during the past growing season.

The concept that obviously came from an advertising agency public relations plan combines an old-time radio serial mystery with a contest run through 21st century technology. The interactive effort features a podcast series that “evokes memories of the radio dramas that ruled the airwaves before the advent of television,” it was announced.

Listeners can download the podcast at or through some of their favorite podcast players including iTunes, SoundCloud, Stitcher and Podcast Addict, and then listen to a cast of characters as they attempt to determine what caused a decrease in the farmer’s yield.

It is promised that there will be technical information, especially as the podcasts proceed through the mystery series.

To drive traffic to Mosaic social media, "The Great Yield Mystery" will have presence on Mosaic's CropNutrition Twitter and Facebook pages. Additional clues, hints and background information will be provided as well as giveaways.

"This is a unique approach to not only engage and inform, but also entertain our audience," suggested Brian Olson, director of marketing for Mosaic, the company’s soil fertility resource on the Web, provides “content to help farmers and retailers think about crop nutrition in new ways. It is also where listeners might find clues to help solve the Great Yield Mystery,” it is further suggested.

"The series features scenarios that I believe our audience has encountered at one time or another, Olson said.