Asian soybean rust is present on soybeans in two new locations today: Santa Rosa County, Florida, and St. Martin Parish, Louisiana, taking the U.S. total for rust-positive counties to 103.

Per today's Florida state commentary on

"Rust was found in the soybean sentinel plot in Santa Rosa County (western panhandle) 10/4. Two leaves out of 100 MG7 leaves were infected with several lesions.

"In the last three weeks, rust has been found for the first time in 2006 in five new Florida counties (including Santa Rosa). Most of the sentinel plots are senescing naturally. Most commercial soybeans in Florida are at late reproductive stages or harvested."

Florida now has 18 counties positive for soybean rust.

In Louisiana, Asian soybean rust was confirmed today in St. Martin Parish on commercial soybeans at the R8 stage of development, according to the Louisiana state commentary.

This brings to 23 the number of parishes in which ASR has been found on either soybeans or kudzu, and, with its south-central location, St. Martin fills in the solid block of red on the USDA map that represents rust found in more than a third of the parishes in the state.

Harvesting is about 90 percent complete in Louisiana. Some late-planted beans are in the late reproductive stages.

SOURCE: State commentaries on