JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. -- Petroleum distributors who deliver biodiesel to retail outlets and other customers in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area can now load pre-blended biodiesel on their tanker trucks.

This means distributors there can eliminate the additional cost and inconvenience of making two stops to obtain the biodiesel and petroleum diesel, and of purchasing blending equipment.

Distribution Drive, a wholly owned subsidiary of Earth Biofuels Inc.; and Motiva Enterprises, an oil company headquartered in Houston, Tex.; announced today that the Motiva Enterprises terminal in Dallas will now offer biodiesel at any blend level.

"This announcement is part of a growing trend of more terminals offering pre-blended biodiesel at petroleum loading racks," said Joe Jobe, CEO of the National Biodiesel Board. "The further integration of biodiesel into existing petroleum infrastructure illustrates the petroleum industry is embracing biodiesel. NBB has been working to facilitate this progress, which will ultimately benefit consumers in the form of increased availability and possibly lower prices."

NBB estimates that about 25 petroleum terminals have invested in equipment to make biodiesel a significant part of their business. In addition to the Motiva terminal, two others have announced the availability of pre-blended biodiesel within the last month:

  • Sprague Energy celebrated the opening of the company's first Biofuel facility at its Albany, N.Y., terminal. This will allow more home heating and diesel retailers throughout New York to supply blended biodiesel to their customers.

  • RKA Petroleum Cos. became the first terminal facility in Michigan to offer pre-blended biodiesel. A Michigan-based petroleum company, RKA is now offering electronically blended biodiesel at the rack at its terminal facility in Romulus, Mich., contributing to increased availability.

  • Biodiesel is a renewable diesel fuel that is made from domestic resources such as soybean oil or other domestic fats and vegetable oils. It can be used in any diesel engine with few or no modifications, and can be blended with petroleum diesel at any level. Biodiesel significantly cuts harmful environmental emissions, promotes greater energy independence and boosts our economy. Today, more than 600 major fleets use biodiesel commercially, and 600 retail filling stations make it available to the public.

    SOURCE: National Biodiesel Board news release.