In a bylined story by John Gregerson, reports today that more markets have banned Argentine beef on due to an outbreak of foot-and-mouth disease in cattle, and Uruguay said it sent troops to its border with Argentina to disinfect vehicles and boost customs controls.

Argentine officials reported that Israel, South Africa and Colombia have joined Uruguay, Chile, Brazil and Paraguay in imposing restrictions on Argentine beef imports, according to the article. Meanwhile, Argentina's government has declared a nationwide sanitary alert, which allows it to spend more freely on controls to keep the disease from spreading.

While not a surprise, the market closures were still a blow to Argentina. Beef exports hit a record $1.39 billion last year after a vaccination program helped the country regain its status as foot-and-mouth-free country.

Israel is the No. 3 importer of fresh Argentine beef, by volume, after Russia and Chile. South Africa is the seventh-largest buyer of the cuts.