With the destructive virus looming in maize fields of Kenya, several lawmakers are calling for the lifting of ban on GMOs in Kenya for the sake of food security. According to agricultural researcher Simon Gichuki, maize is an irreplaceable part of Kenyan diet.

For the past several years, the country's cereal-growing heartlands were devastated with maize lethal necrosis disease. According to Cereal Growers Association, the viral disease could cut production by almost a third this year, affecting about 70 percent of maize farmers. Thus, more policymakers have been voicing out to lift the ban, which was implemented in 2012.

For more details, visit http://m.voanews.com/a/in-kenya-calls-grow-to-lift-controversial-gmo-ban/2527833.html and http://www.geneticliteracyproject.org/2014/11/24/amid-maize-famine-more-kenyans-call-for-lifting-gm-ban/.