As farmers continue planting in the United States this spring, Monsanto Co. has initiated proactive steps to provide clear information to its U.S. farmer customers regarding Monsanto corn trait products and reinforced the company's expectation that its products will remain fully available and marketable.

With the potential confusion surrounding media reports that the European Union is instituting special testing requirements that assures corn gluten feed that enters the EU does not contain Syngenta's Bt10 trait product, Monsanto officials believed it was important to provide the information to its farmer customers.

These new EU measures aimed at Syngenta's Bt10 trait product do not restrict farmers' options for the marketability and acceptance of corn produced from Monsanto's internationally approved biotechnology traits. Syngenta's Bt10 product has never been used or sold by Monsanto.

Notably, Monsanto has in place an extensive seed-quality assurance program that screens the parent seed that is used by Monsanto's DEKALB and Asgrow brands and provided by Holden's to its seed partners to produce hybrid seed for growers. The company's combination of foundation and commercial seed quality assurance processes and production methods are designed to guard against the possibility of unintended and unapproved events being introduced into its seed lines.

Source: Company Release