Early order patterns in the United States for Monsanto's corn seeds and traits are reinforcing the company's goals of growing market share and increasing trait penetration, particularly in a triple-stack combination.

In the 2007 growing season, the company's DEKALB and Asgrow national corn brands could have more than 35 percent of all of their seed sold in a triple stack, and for the first time will sell more acres of triple-stacked corn hybrids than hybrids with just one trait. The company's American Seeds Inc. (ASI) subsidiary of regional seed brands could have more than 30 percent of its seed sold as a triple stack. In 2006, the mix of triple stacks was 21 percent for DEKALB and Asgrow, and the mix of triple stacks was 14 percent for ASI.

Monsanto's triple-stack product in corn combines Roundup Ready herbicide tolerance, YieldGard Corn Borer insect protection and YieldGard Rootworm insect protection. In 2006, Monsanto's triple-trait corn technology was planted on 5.8 million acres in the United States.

"The early order activity for our triple-stack products is unprecedented, and half of the orders we've received so far are for triple-stack DEKALB and Asgrow hybrids," said Carl Casale, executive vice president for Monsanto's North America commercial business.

"Farmers are seeing the results of great seed germplasm with great trait protection in this year's harvest, and are choosing best-in-class yield protection," said Casale. "Our business is to provide farmers with the seeds and traits that give them the best performance, and they are voting loud and clear for the triple stack."

The company believes that it can again grow market share for its national brands by 1-to-2 percentage points and increase the overall penetration of its corn traits in the United States in the 2007 season.

Specifically, the current orders from its Holden's/Corn States licensing business and from its DEKALB, Asgrow and ASI customers suggest that:
-- Roundup Ready corn could be planted on more than 40 million acres, compared with more than 32 million acres in 2006;
-- YieldGard Rootworm insect-protected corn could be planted on more than 15 million acres, compared with 10 million acres in 2006;
-- YieldGard Corn Borer insect-protected corn could be planted on more than 32 million acres, compared with slightly more than 32 million acres planted to the technology last year; and
-- Monsanto's triple trait corn technology could be planted on more than 10 million acres, compared with 6 million acres in the 2006 growing season.

During the 2006 growing season, approximately 26,500 farmers used DEKALB and Asgrow brands, an increase of 16 percent in customers from the previous year. The on-farm penetration by those farmers rose as well, with more than 60 percent of the total farm acreage planted to a DEKALB and Asgrow hybrid, up from just under 50 percent in the 2005 growing season.

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SOURCE Monsanto Company