Monsanto Company and Sumitomo Chemical Co., Ltd. (SCC) announced they have entered into long-term agreements for weed management collaboration in Brazil and Argentina, expanding their ongoing strategic partnership under their North American Agreement.

The objective of these new agreements is the continuation of the mutually-beneficial joint marketing initiative through Monsanto´s weed management program Roundup Ready PLUS® Crop Management Solutions. These recommendations help to promote the proper management of weeds and now includes SCC’s Flumioxazin herbicide brands.

The Roundup Ready PLUS platform allows farmers to maximize the benefits of their Roundup Ready crops, using the platform's recommendations, which are designed to provide effective and sustainable weed control benefits for farmers. The recent inclusion of Flumioxazin in the Roundup Ready PLUS platform can provide farmers with an additional option to manage resistant and tough to control weeds such as Conyza.

“These agreements provide a clear path forward in cooperative weed management initiatives, and creates value for farmers using the Roundup Ready PLUS platform. It can deliver to farmers the best management solutions to face the growing challenges in Argentina and Brazil and follows good agronomic practices,” according to Celeste Balbi, Monsanto’s Global Weed Management Marketing Lead.

Kimitoshi Umeda, General Manager, Crop Protection Division – International for SCC, said, "This collaboration will be a key tool for weed management solutions in Brazil and Argentina, offering new herbicide choices supported by the highly advanced and extensive R&D expertise of both companies."

Financial terms of the agreements were not disclosed.