Modular Genetics Inc. (MGI), Woburn, Mass., and Monsanto Company, St. Louis, announce a collaborative relationship to advance Monsanto's protein optimization platform.

MGI has developed and patented breakthrough protein optimization platforms, which are used for the screening, identification and assembly of proteins for research.

As part of the three-year collaboration, Monsanto will gain an exclusive license to use MGI's platform for use in agricultural applications. Applying this platform, Monsanto will be able to accelerate its ability to identify and develop new traits for platforms like agronomic traits, enhanced nutritional content and improved yield properties.

"The collaboration with MGI is a terrific complement to the industry- leading research-and-development program we've built at Monsanto," said Robert T. Fraley, executive vice president and chief technology officer of Monsanto. "Access to MGI's high-capacity protein optimization platform will help us advance projects more quickly and efficiently through our discovery pipeline, ultimately leading to the ability to offer more products to more farmers."

The collaboration includes the establishment of a research facility in Cambridge, Mass., where a team of Monsanto researchers will coordinate Monsanto's protein optimization program. Additionally, MGI will relocate its business and research headquarters to the new Cambridge facility.

Source: PR Newswire