OSAGE BEACH, Mo. -- At this year's Missouri Governor's Conference on Agriculture, Monsanto's John Raines presented The Agricultural Leadership of Tomorrow (ALOT) Foundation with a check for $50,000 for two years and Anheuser-Busch's Stephen D. Malin presented ALOT with a check for $25,000 for one year.

"We would like to recognize that ALOT has been very successful at developing rural adult leaders in Missouri," said Raines. "These leaders serve across the state helping Missouri agriculture, their communities, their churches, and in public service as elected and appointed officials."

"ALOT's work of providing adult leadership education is an important investment in the future of Missouri's agriculture and one that Anheuser-Busch is proud to support," said Malin.

ALOT is a two-year adult leadership program, including nine three-day regional in-state sessions designed to enable participants to fully understand the diversity of Missouri agriculture and those involved in it.

These sessions allow the class to interface with community leaders representing more than just agriculture, including representatives from government, education, law enforcement, philanthropy, health care and more. These regional sessions give participants a glimpse of the issues facing both in-state and out-state Missouri.

In addition, the group will spend one week in Washington D.C. meeting with U.S. agricultural leaders and experiencing the federal government process. The class of participants will travel internationally for two weeks to a country significant to Missouri agriculture, be it a customer, competitor or emerging market. The trip is designed to correlate with the previous two years of study as it pertains to local, state and national issues.

Three hundred alumni from 11 classes of the ALOT program include the current Deputy Director of Agriculture, a U.S. Congressman, 11 present or past members of the Missouri legislature, a federal prosecutor, a State Fair Commissioner, three county commissioners, five persons who have served as chairman of the board for MO-Ag, nine present county Farm Bureau presidents and many more past presidents, 10 presidents and two executive directors of agricultural commodity groups, three at the national level.

Too numerous to count are school board members, service club members, rural electric coop boards, levee districts, rural water district boards and bank board directors are are ALOT alumni.

"The ALOT program is recognized statewide as the premier agricultural professional development program," said Fred Ferrell, director of the Missouri Department of Agriculture. "We are pleased to see Monsanto and Anheuser-Busch salute ALOT's success by their contributions."

SOURCE: ALOT news release.