MKC and FarmLink announced a new agreement that offers MKC customers access to TrueHarvest, the yield benchmarking tool that helps farmers pinpoint opportunities to improve yields and profitability.

“Benchmarking is a critical new tool in our toolbox to share with our customers,” said Dave Spears, senior vice president and CMO for MKC. “TrueHarvest by FarmLink offers independent, objective and actionable data that allows our field marketers and precision ag specialists to help producers optimize the yield and return on investment on every acre. We look forward to offering this new tool to our customers.”

In the 2014 TrueHarvest benchmark released earlier this year, FarmLink identified an additional $372 million revenue improvement opportunity for farm operations across the state of Kansas.* The benchmark suggests a real benefit for individual farmers looking to increase the profitability of their operations.

“We are excited to partner with MKC to offer TrueHarvest to their farmer customers across Kansas,” said Jeff Dema, president of Grower Services for FarmLink. “Now more than ever, farmers are hunting for profitability on every acre. With TrueHarvest benchmarking, MKC advisors and farmers can pinpoint where there is opportunity for yield improvement to help make investment decisions and evaluate input effectiveness.”

Producers interested in using TrueHarvest to measure their land’s performance and make decisions for future growing seasons should contact their MKC field marketer or nearest MKC location.