Late-winter tornados in the Midwest have caused challenges for many agricultural businesses, including MFA. The cooperative's mid-Missouri swine research facilities will be rebuilt, say officials.

All 12 of the operation's buildings were damaged on March 12. Six of the buildings collapsed in winds estimated at 136 to 165 mph.

MFA's vice president of livestock operations, Kent Haden, DVM, says the research facility included farrowing pens for 4,500 sows. MFA contracts with independent producers to finish hogs and group markets them to packers. No employees were on site during the tornadoes, and only two sows were lost.

MFA will move hogs to other facilities while the rebuilding begins. Estimates are that rebuilding will take six to eight months.

Haden points out that there were no lagoon breeches or manure-treatment system problems. He notes that the secondary containment systems helped prevent any environmental problems.

SOURCE: Marshall Democrat-News as quoted by Pork magazine news.