Merial introduces a new education program designed to communicate the advantages of strategic animal husbandry initiatives with the cattle industry - the Merial Veterinary Professional Services (VPS) Strategic Husbandry and Research Education (SHARE) program.

"Our mission is to take animal health education to a higher level through the Merial VPS SHARE program," says Joe Dedrickson, DVM, director of Merial VPS. "We believe that by increasing awareness and understanding of strategic husbandry initiatives, this program has the potential to benefit everyone in the cattle business."

The SHARE program will consist of producer and veterinary meetings, instructional newsletters, educational tools and other specific programs designed to highlight strategic animal husbandry topics. On e of the first topics to be addressed will be strategic parasite control.

"Strategic parasite control can dramatically improve the health of cattle, and when used effectively, it can make a positive impact on a producer's bottom line."

Source: Company Release