LOS ANGELES -- Nevada Corporation MEMS USA Inc. has changed its name to Convergence Ethanol(TM) Inc.

It has been the new ticker symbol CETH.OB and has launched its new corporate logo.

"Our new name and logo positively reflect the emphasis within the company on clean fuels and biorenewable ethanol," said James A. Latty, president and CEO, Convergence Ethanol. "We are extremely pleased to now be seen as part of the emerging alternative fuels market. The company is setting off down a clear and exciting path."

The Convergence Ethanol mission is to support the energy industry's production of cleaner burning fuels, through the development of profitable, biorenewable energy refineries and through the engineering, fabrication and sale of environmentally focused refinery systems and equipment.

Convergence Ethanol is currently developing Hearst Ethanol One Inc., a woodwaste-to-ethanol refinery to be built in Hearst, Ontario, Canada. The company owns 87 percent of the project. The refinery will use modern catalytic processing, as used in oil refineries, to synthetically convert cellulosic woodwaste into ethanol.

"Given the high and rising price of corn, the conversion of low-cost woodwaste will be important in future ethanol production," said Latty.

According to the Canadian Renewable Fuels Association, more ethanol is needed in Ontario in order to realize a renewable fuels mandate that all gasoline sold in that province contain at least 5-percent ethanol by 2007, with the goal of 10 percent by 2010.

In concert with its new corporate image, Convergence Ethanol has teamed up with Grass Roots Investor Relations, a firm specializing in the renewable and alternative energy market.

Convergence Ethanol and Grass Roots have begun development of a totally revamped Convergence Ethanol Web site that will focus on reaching the large on-line community concerned with alternative fuels and on improving on-line relations with the company's shareholders.

California-based Convergence Ethanol is an ISO 9001:2000 certified, biorenewable energy project developer and a provider of engineered products and systems to the energy industry.

SOURCE: Convergence Ethanol Inc. via Business Wire.