Makhteshim Agan Industries announces an agreement with Bayer CropScience whereby their wholly owned subsidiary MANA (Makhteshim Agan of North America Inc.) and other affiliates will introduce the first post-patent imidacloprid insecticides to the U.S. market. Crop market brands will be sold under the names Pasada(TM) and Alias(TM). Products for turf, ornamental, and pest control are also under development. Imidacloprid is a valuable active for broad-spectrum systemic insect control in row crops, vegetables, fruit, nut, vine crops and non-crop uses in turf, ornamentals, and pest control.

The new imidacloprid brands expand the breadth and depth of the MANA product portfolio, already one of the broadest post-patent portfolios in the industry. Pasada and Alias formulations are expected in September for agricultural markets. Formulations for the turf and ornamental and pest control markets are expected in early 2006.

Source: Company Release