Majestic Semillas, an agricultural sales and distribution company serving Mexico, announced it is testing several new hybrids following its acquisition by Chromatin, Inc., a global agriculture technology company focused on sorghum. Most prominently, these include products that show tolerance to the sugarcane aphid.

Chromatin recently announced the acquisition as part of its expansion into Mexico. Majestic Semillas serves sorghum farmers throughout the country with quality seed and service, and Chromatin was attracted to its strong sales network and sorghum-focused market approach. Growers have already seen benefits from Chromatin's pipeline of new products, which are well-adapted to Mexico's varied growing conditions.

“It’s Chromatin’s R&D leadership that is enabling us to meet critical market needs, such as products that survive the sugarcane aphid that is affecting so many sorghum farmers,” said Majestic Semillas Business Manager Rebekah Napier. “Thanks to Chromatin’s work in this area, we are in widespread testing of new hybrids with very good aphid tolerance and expect to bring them to market next year.”

Majestic Semillas (formerly Marathon Ag Services) distributes to every sorghum producing region in Mexico and has developed a strong market presence throughout the country. Under Chromatin’s leadership, Majestic Semillas has expanded its sales force and product portfolio and expects to continue strong growth as it releases new high-yielding products. Furthermore, Majestic has been able to draw upon Chromatin's scientific and agronomic expertise to help growers maximize yields.