The MACA Board of Directors has selected ten college students to receive the MACA Young Leader Scholarship to be used for their college expenses.

This is the third year for the program which is designed to expose future agriculturalists to the crop protection industry and future career opportunities. Recipients will benefit from the financial compensation, exposure and networking with MACA members. MACA members benefit by developing a talent pool of future industry leaders and through the heightened awareness of MACA within the participating universities.

The candidate's educational focus is agriculture and all are enrolled at one of the Land-Grant Universities in the MACA region.  They have secured a summer internship (2015) within agriculture, preferably within the crop protection industry. Additionally, the selected recipient is expected to attend the MACA Annual Meeting September 8-10, 2015 in Chicago, Illinois to speak about their internship experience and participate in the meeting with MACA members.    

     The recipients by state/university include:

  • Illinois - Connor Sible is majoring in Crop Science: Field Crops Concentration with a minor in Chemistry at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. The Oregon, Illinois native will be interning with DuPont Pioneer at their production plant in St. Joe, IL. He'll be involved in the process of growing seed corn and soybeans.
  • Indiana - Cameron Mann is an Agricultural Communications and Ag Sales and Marketing major at Purdue University. This Cloverdale, Indiana native will be a crop protection sales intern for Dow AgroSciences working in western Indiana this summer. She'll bring crop protection solutions to customers via business to business sales and marketing.
  • Iowa - Alexandra Ferguson is an Agronomy major at Iowa State University and will intern at Pioneer Corn in Johnston, Iowa. She'll be a part of the 2015 Pioneer Corn Marketing Team where she will assist in developing and delivering promotional/support materials for the corn product line as well as corn traits and insect resistant management systems. Ferguson is a native of New Sharon, Iowa.
  • Kansas - Samuel Knauss of Paola, Kansas, is an Agronomy major with a minor in Plant Pathology, Applied Genomics/Biotechnology at Kansas State University. He'll intern with Monsanto for six months at their Galena, Maryland facility. There he will work in Monsanto's Discovery Soybean program where they do expanded testing of germ plasm from other environments across the world.
  • Minnesota - Ellsworth, Minnesota native Brett Heronimus is working on a Plant Science major with a minor in Integrated Pest Management in Cropping Science at the University of Minnesota. He's interning with Syngenta in southern Minnesota. He'll be taking soil samples, field scouting and learning the Syngenta products.
  • Missouri - Rocheport, Missouri student Chelsey Kroese is majoring in Biochemistry with a minor in Sustainable Agriculture at the University of Missouri. Kroese will intern with DuPont Pioneer in Miami, Missouri. She'll be involved with field plot research, planting, plot establishment and maintenance, organizing and completing pollination, harvesting and analyzing sample and date collection of traits important to a breeding program.
  • Nebraska - Sarah Schalm is working on her degree in Agricultural Education at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. She plans to intern with DuPont Pioneer in agronomy sales. This Medford, Minnesota native has also interned with the Southern Research and Outreach Center in Waseca, Minnesota and with Monsanto as a season corn Research Assistant in Owatonna, Minnesota.
  • North Dakota - Matthew Pederson is pursuing a Crop & Weed Science major and Agribusiness minor from North Dakota State University. He'll work for Riverview Dairy this summer for his internship. The Wheaton, Minnesota native will learn about production agriculture including work with machinery, crop protection, forage production, liquid manure fertilization and many other operation techniques. 
  • South Dakota - Isaac Popp is an Agriculture Science major and his minor is Agriculture Business while at South Dakota State University. The Rice, Minnesota native will intern with Thurston Inc. as a seed broker intern/trainee where he will learn about the confidential sale of genetics between seed corn companies.
  • Wisconsin - Carly Edge, a junior at the University of Wisconsin-Madison is majoring in Agronomy with a minor in Ag Business Management and Global Health. This Belleville, Wisconsin student will be interning this summer with Syngenta Seed in Janesville, Wisconsin. She'll be working as a corn breeding intern for six months, so she will help plant the nursery and then travel to other research sites and collect flowering notes. Once pollination begins she'll help with various activities.

After completing their summer internships the scholarship recipients will receive a $2,000 scholarship to assist with their tuition expenses.