The French group, Limagrain, started operating in Brazil in 2011 in the Field Seeds segment, selling corn and sorghum hybrid seeds with its international brand, LG.

Limagrain, through its regional Field Seeds Business Unit Limagrain South America, has recently invested in the Brazilian wheat market, in which it is a world leader in Research and Development, with the acquisition of DNA Melhoramento Vegetal, a plant breeding company based at Rio Grande do Sul containing a considerable stock of tropical germplasm.

Limagrain South America projects, in the coming years, to achieve an important position in the Wheat Market in Brazil and other South American countries. “Our focus is to develop varieties of wheat which have a better level of quality and high potential for production in Brazil, for example what we have been doing in Argentina and other production countries, using the know-how which brought the company to world leadership in this segment building superior genetics and a prominent position” says Antoine Colombo – CEO of Limagrain South America.
Brazil represents a big opportunity for the wheat market, with a strong demand for better quality products for both industry and high productivity. Farmers are now counting on the technology and experience developed and accumulated in the last decades, combined with a broad bank of temperate and tropical germplasm, for better development in wheat cultivation.

In 2015, Limagrain South America will launch its first wheat varieties, by the names of ORO and PRISMA, on the Brazilian market.

Limagrain South America will keep expanding its business in South America, with the objective to bring better seeds options of corn crops to the farmers with sorghum, soybean and wheat.