ST. CHARLES, Ill. -- Lechler Inc. will be introducing its new electronic tank level indicator at the National Farm Machinery Show and the World Ag Expo, where it has been selected by a panel of independent judges as one of the "Top Ten Best New Products."

The electronic tank level indicator allows a spray rig operator to glance at a display and know at all times exactly how much spray solution remains in the tank.

The indicator is adaptable to any type of sprayer and can be quickly installed by an original equipment manufacturer or dealer. It consists of a display panel that can be mounted in the tractor cab or on the spray rig. The display is linked to a sensor rod, which is placed inside the tank.

Sensor rods, which are custom fit to any tank size or capacity, have a microprocessor in the head and more than 200 sensing points. These points compensate for sloshing of the solution in the tank and operation on sloping ground to give an accurate, constant reading.

Using the indicator means the sprayer operator does not have to estimate how much spray solution remains in the tank. In an orchard-spraying situation, when a stainless steel tank is used and the solution level is not known, the rig may run out of spray solution before the operator realizes, making it difficult to tell where to resume spraying.

With the indicator, the operator knows precisely when to stop spraying, refill the tank, return to the exact point where he left off, and resume the application without any gaps. Other products, such as those having a pressure sensor to alert the driver or a switch to turn off the spray pump, do not give the operator enough notice before the tank is empty, Lechler says.

The electronic indicator was developed and patented by GEOline(R), a global strategic partner of Lechler, and is manufactured in Italy. It has gained acceptance in Europe, where smaller farming operations tend to upgrade their existing spraying equipment rather than replacing it with new. The same technology has long been available for stationary commercial and industrial tanks, but it has been only recently adapted in an economical and portable design suited to agricultural spraying.

Lechler, a global organization with sales and/or production facilities in more than 40 countries, has been manufacturing spray nozzles and systems since 1879.

Tecomec(R) S.p.A. is one of a group of 30 companies forming Yama(R) S.p.A. GEOline(R) is their brand of agricultural components and accessories for sprayers.

SOURCE: Lechler Inc. via AgPR.