Land O'Lakes, Inc. recently was honored by Microsoft Business Solutions with a 2005 Pinnacle Award for outstanding business achievements. Land O'Lakes received recognition for its Pinnacle Award for Excellence in Customer Service at Convergence 2005, Microsoft Business
Solutions customer conference.

The Pinnacle Awards, established in 1997, are presented annually and recognize Microsoft Business Solutions customers that have achieved notable accomplishments with their Microsoft Business Solutions applications. Microsoft Business Solutions customers, partners and team members contribute Pinnacle Award nominations.

Microsoft Business Solutions selected Land O'Lakes because it has measurably improved the value and levels of service delivered to its internal and external swine customers through its Integrated Service Bureau (ISB) solution implementation. Together with its reselling partner, Feed Management Systems, Inc. (FMS), Land O'Lakes created the ISB as the first integrated feed management system for the U.S. pork industry. The ISB links Land O'Lakes pork producers with their feed mills, enabling the producers to get a consistent nutritional feed mix at an affordable price and -- critical to food safety -- track exactly what each pig eats throughout its life. The ISB was designed to simplify the complex feed production process for Land O'Lakes pork industry customers.

Source: Company Release